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Strays: Foreword

Title: Strays
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin, implied Yoochun/Junsu
Genre: AU, Futuristic, Action, Suspence, Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: possible presence of violence as the story goes on.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the boys. The plot is mine and entirely mine, even if I still don't know where those crazy thoughts came from.

Summary: Changmin and Jaejoong are long forgotten Outcasts, though Changmin still unofficially works for the government in the form of one-week long assignments at the Facility. When his lover disappears for two weeks, and reappears on Heat’s Day, wounded and barely conscious, Jaejoong wonders if their love was really worth defying the Rules. As Changmin wakes up and realizes the last seven years of his life are gone, Jaejoong is determined to think love is the one thing that will save the both of them. 

Credits to my wonderful, capslock lover and jgv addict Max for making this awesome banner. (              

Foreword: The story takes place in the post-apocalyptic Republic of the Ground*. At the end of the Great Biochemical war, the Great Pollution caused the destruction of the world as we know it, and mankind nearly faced extinction. The remaining population is tied between Citizens and Workers, depending on their genealogical tree, and are attributed a resident status either in the City or the Suburb. The Authorities lead their subjects with an iron fist using sacrosanct Rules, and Love has since long been erased from the collective mind.

* The one and only political party in the Republic of the Ground is commonly addressed as The Cause.

Status and Hierarchy in the Republic of the Ground:

Citizens: Direct descendants of the Revolutionaries (those who rebelled against the government in the Shameful Year of 2058), they enjoy an easy life and high ranking positions within the Government, the Research Center, etc. They are exempt of taxes.

Workers: Descendants of the Cowards (those who refused to follow the Rebellion in the Shameful Year of 2058), they are bound to dirty works such as servant, construction workers or even farmers, and have to pay taxes.

Authorities: The ruling power at the time when the story unfolds. They have an absolute say in everything and anything concerning the Republic of the Ground.

Peacemakers:The Authoritie's armed men. While they officially ensure peace within the Republic, they have rather doubtful occupations once away from the City.

Outcasts: Those who defied the Holy Rules. They are former Citizens who acquired a Worker status after disobeying the Authorities. They are still exempt of taxes, but will not be able to enter the City ever again. 

Originals: The Humanity before the Biochemical War. 

Strays: ?

The Weekdays and their social purpose:

Monday →  Moon's Day, from tsuki-moon (tsuki), the moon. Extended curfew for the Workers.

Tuesday →  Heat's Day, from images (hi), the fire. Weekly electricity replenishment for the Workers.

Wednesday →  Rain's Day, from water_kanji (mizu), the water. Weekly rainwater replenishment for the Workers (to shower, wash the dishes etc.)

Thursday →  Earth's Day, from moku (ki), the tree. Assembly Day in the City.

Friday →  Salary Day, from 76-japanese-language-kyouyou-kanji-gold-metal-friday (kin), the gold. Commonly called S-Day. The Citizens receive their weekly income on this day.

Saturday →  Holy Day, from 2_earth_kanji (tsuchi), the ground. Tax collecting day for the Workers. From this ideogramm also comes the emblem of the Republic of the Ground.

Sunday →  Sun's Day, from kanji_jitsu-d78106fd2058438c79dea060491b614b-150x150-75-nocrop (hi), the sun. Holiday for the Citizens and Workers alike.

A/N: Obviously I can't reveal everything here, and I don't expect you to retain/understand everything, this is just a little glossary and a bit of background story information ^-^
Tags: fic: strays, strays: foreword

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